Rockspinner6: Rapid City! South Dakota

I am pleased to announce the permanent installation of Rockspinner 6 in Rapid City, South Dakota. This 9500lb spinning piece of rough hewn granite will delight and surprise visitors for years to come. Special thanks to the great folks at Destination Rapid City. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

AJC Rockspinner


Interview with

GPTV: 2009

  Short video clip about the installation of Rockspinner 6 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Kinetic Sculpture Show.

AJC: Fall 2008

Sculptor’s art teases gravity The Atlanta Journal Constitution Page E-1 By Katie Leslie   Moving five tons of rock is easier than you might think, at least if Zachary Coffin has something to do with it. The Atlanta-born Coffin is the artist behind Rockspinner, a series of kinetic sculptures featuring skewered boulders that can […]

AJC: May 2008

Kinetic Art Botanical Garden goes on the move with marvels in motion The Atlanta Journal Constitution Thursday, May 1, 2008 Page E-1 By Katie Leslie On a recent day at the Botanical Garden, children crowded around a skewered boulder, their petite frames pushing and spinning the massive 5-ton rock created by Zachary Coffin. “I […]

World Sculpture News 2003

—TEXT—- WORLD SCULPTURE NEWS AUTUMN 2003 THE UNITED STATES Temple of Gravity The Temple of Gravity, a rock and steel sculpture designed to explore its relationship to the force of gravity and installed in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert as part of the Burning Man arts festival, is scheduled to move to a new temporary home […]

NYTimes 2003

Well I guess it is nice to have your work pictured on the front of the NYTimes Art Section. Captioned “art” this image ran alongside a fairly irrelevant article about how Burning Man isn’t perfect. The kind of article the mainstream press has been running about Burning Man for years….

Interior Design: 2003

Temple of Gravity article in Interior Design

Producing a large-scale sculpture in the Nevada desert involves challenge far beyond shipping and materials setbacks — it’s difficult to stay focused when the cars painted like fish and topless women on bicycles keep passing by. “Everything takes five times longer out here,” explains Zachary Coffin. An Atlanta artist, Coffin is also the manager of […]

NY Times: 2000

In an Industrial Boneyard, Artists Use Steel and Ore to Produce, Well, Art  The New York Times Wednesday April 19, 2000 Page 3 By Thomas Spencer BIRMINGHAM Ala. It is an oddly appropriate spot for an artists’ colony, in the hulking shadows of Republic Steel’s abandoned Thomas works, where iron-ore blast furnaces and coke ovens once […]

B&W: 1997

Man Of Steel Sculptor Zachary Coffin   black & white March 1997 page 42   By Alison Nichols   When Zachary Coffin begins talking about his work, he runs the gamut of description from Eastern religions, to the plight of the working class, to the properties of metals and the dynamics of movement against inert […]

B&W Magazine: 1997

Black and White

  Full searchable text below : In Juxtaposition with Inertia Zach Coffin’s huge sculptures do what you’d least expect—they move black & white April 30, 1998 Page 42   By Ned Oldham   Zach Coffin is working on a fountain for his upcoming show at the Birmingham Brewery. It’s a half-ton hunk of quartz-veined granite, […]

Birmingham News: 1997

    Looking, touching: Coffin’s sculptures a rare treat The Birmingham News Sunday, March 30, 1997 By James R. Nelson   Industrial Jungle, three sculptures by Zachary Coffin, The Birmingham Museum of Art, The Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden, Through Fall 1997.       A work of art worthy of the name always evokes […]